Amy Lynn Grover

A multidisciplinary artist & photographer with a focus in fashion & beauty.

It has been said that her idealistic vision of the world is reflected throughout her body of work— fluid, full of life, beautiful, bold, simple, energetic and most of all, full of soul— she’s got a wild imagination, bold expression and strong self-discipline. 

Amy Lynn, a former model and TV personality has transformed and evolved with grace; she repositioned herself to the opposite side of the lens after moving to Los Angeles in 2007.  Her passion for the arts began early in age in ballet class (age 3)— A true creator, explorer and sharer of life’s beautiful gifts; her past experiences of yoga teaching and wellness blogging bring a Hollistic approach and joy to her work. She graduated from UCLA Design Communication Art program where she studied design, photography and art.

Amy Lynn is a mediocre painter, part-time knitter, ballet barre enthusiast and a compulsive journal-keeper. She believes in the power of print, taking one’s time, slowing down, reading paper books, casting off the shackles of social media and talking to real people to really want to know what is going on in the world.

“There is no greater joy in life than getting out of your comfort zone and diving into the unknown, the unknown comes with a risk, but I believe it is much riskier to forget that there is a world far bigger than your own daily grind.” Keep it simple and smart. Learn from the best and make it your own.



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