Amy Lynn Grover

amy lynn grover



Amy Lynn Grover is a multidisciplinary-contemporary visual artist— graphic design and photography. She has a curious, imaginative, perfectionist personality and a mind filled with creative sass.

Much of Amy’s childhood was spent emerged in the arts. Crafting afternoons were the norm at the Grovers’ house, making, painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, gluing, dying or sewing something; Amy attended an arts high school and used all of her extra curricular time for dance classes.

Amy was a model for the majority of her adult life (campaigns, commercials, editorial features and covers)— and worked with major clients, renowned photographers and art directors. She studied yoga in depth and continues to practice daily— there is an art to know thyself, to be present, to live mindfully and consciously. Amy believes that life is art and there is an art to living; living with intent, striving for growth and balance at the same time.

Amy is a persistent and passionate artist; drawing a combination of her experiences into her art, dancing, yoga, modeling, travel, fashion, beauty— mixed with her tenacity, work ethic and confidence to follow her heart.

Amy Lynn graduated with honors from UCLA Design Communication Arts Program. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada; currently living between Los Angeles, Toronto and Mexico with her two puppies.