Amy Lynn Grover - Toronto Native, residing in Los Angeles (for now) with two little white fluffy puppies, surrounds self with the ocean, fresh flowers and plants. 

Leading from the heart with vulnerability and authentic life experiences (ex-model, camp goer, ballet dancer, yogini, pilates enthusiast) that bleed discipline, passion, intuitive style, fluidity and function into the work.  

Fascinated with the creation of it all; enjoys the journey; short walks on the beach.  

EDUCATION: UCLA Design Communication Art Program (2013 - 2015 graduated with Honors. Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, Marketing & Business Program (2003-2005 certificate). 

CONTINUING EDUCATION: UCLA Advanced Design Communication, Sue Bryce Education, The Portraits Master Conference, Creative Live. 

Photography Credit: Lisa Karlstein

Photography Credit: Lisa Karlstein