// Amy Lynn Grover

Amy Lynn is a Los Angeles based graphic designer of pretty stuff, simple things and rad concepts.  A passionate arts advocate and ballet dancer, Amy is  in love with typography, painting, photography, fashion, art and music. She is a 500 Yoga Teacher,  a business/marketing grad and a design student at UCLA; being creative daily and helping others achieve their dreams has always been a passion.

// The Blog

Design and lifestyle blog that is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life sweet and seeing the beauty in the unexpected.  Amy loves to write, photograph and share inspiration, eye for style, passion for design, health and fitness and crafty DIY. In love with healthy balanced living, Pilates & yoga, dancing and drinking plenty of green juice.

// One Reve Inc

One Reve Inc is Amy’s graphic print & web design company based in Los Angeles, CA, specializing in business visioning, brand development and execution. The work is emotional, intentional, beautiful, simplistic and functional; it’s effective design solutions that communicate and stand the test of time.  Visit website.